Monday, January 18, 2010

Jumping on Alton Brown's epiphany trail...

Alton Brown's Guidelines

So what is he eating? According to his fan blog (Thanks for the heads up, Jimmy Moore!) he ate these foods.

- Fruits
- Whole Grains
- Leafy Greens
- Nuts
- Carrots
- Green Tea
3 times a week
- Oily Fish (He loves sardines!)
- Yogurt
- Broccoli
- Sweet Potato
- Avocado
Once a week
- Red meat
- Pasta
- Dessert
- Alcohol
- Fast Food
- Soda
- Processed meals/frozen dinners
- Canned soup
- “Diet” anything
PLUS: Eat breakfast every day, no exceptions.

These are his guidelines and an idea of what he does and does not do.

Ironically, this is exactly what my ex-trainer, Ralphie told me what I had to eat to succeed over 2 years ago!

It keeps coming back to him.

This week I will have my thyroid rechecked and see if there are problems or something else. I am gaining weight. There is no point in denying the obvious.

I must do something now. I know I can do it. I've done it before.

The good news I am meeting up with a new trainer. She is for training only and does not give out nutrition information. I want to fire up my techniques and get my body going in the right direction once again.

As for nutrition, I'm doing this on my own.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How am I doing?

I'm feeling better than I have in months and that's a start!

My menu consists of whole eggs, mayo, olive oils, meat, fish, and almonds.  I abandoned the fruit for a while and tell you the truth I don't miss the "sweet" at all.  My energy has improved and I sleep better at night.  Have I lost any weight?  A couple of pounds.  Nothing to really right about in that department.  Pants feel a bit looser.

I just want to keep the momentum going with little stress.  Do my thing.  Eat when and what I should and listen to my trainer and doctor.

Take care!

Sunday, January 3, 2010