Saturday, November 29, 2008

I was a naughty low-carber!

I ate. Plenty. Too much homemade bread with ghee, I think it was on Thursday and Friday. I had my key-lime pie and a half-cup of ice cream (ugh felt bloated after). I don't think I went hog wild.

I do have pictures of my dinner and the bread. I'll post those on Monday since unfortunately I have had a "computer" set-back. My access is limited. LOL

Today though went well:

Breakfast: 3 eggs with mayo, mustard, and spices (300 calories) - 5:45am (I worked today.)
Snack: 1 Small black coffee (15 calories) - 7:20am
Lunch: Garden salad with tuna and mayo, balsamic vinaigrette (500 calories) 1:15pm
No afternoon snack
Dinner: 4oz. of salad with 2oz. of tuna, mayo, and spices (300 calories)

1,015 calories

It actually feels good to eat lighter today. More normal. Man, I gotta stay away from the homemade bread! LOL

For all those who are mildly curious, I am not starving myself. I workout regularly and take vitamins and supplements. I drink plenty of water. I feel great!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November 25, 2008 - Tuesday

Breakfast: 3 slices of homemade bread with butter - 400 calories

No Snack

Lunch: 2 eggs scrambled with my veggie patty. 1/2T of mayo, a squirt of mustard, spices - 300 calories

No Snack

Dinner: 2 HB eggs with tuna and crab meat salad - 450 calories

1,150 calories

I don't know if it is ketosis or what but I didn't feel hungry until I left the gym last evening. 46 minutes of elipitcal and 15 minutes of ab work. I am taking Wednesday and Thursday off from the gym in honor of the holiday and going out tonight after work to celebrate with some friends from work. I promised myself I would not go hog wild over the holiday. I went out of my way to buy the food I want to prepare and eat for myself since my boyfriend will be eating his mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, stuffing, and turkey. I bought jewel yams, baby spinach with romaine, and walnuts. Plus I have butternut squash and turnips. Food only I enjoy! I'm not going to lie, I WILL have a couple homemade rolls. I will enjoy some red wine. Here is the best part: I am Thankful for all that I receive and I thank God every day and not just for the holidays.

Take care.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Manic Monday

Yesterday, went pretty well considering there is a bunch of high carby breads around. One of my friends gave me a Pizza Gourmet pizza stone. Since my boyfriend loves to cook, well, he decided to try to make bread. And now he has made a pepperoni pizza. Great! What does a low-carber do in a case where her significant other is not only an Italian that cooks, he's an Italian that loves to cook for his love. He's waves off my warnings to keep this food away from my lips, and says: "It's a fad." Breads, cheeses, drinking like a Kennedy, and making bad choices got me to a maximum weight of 214lbs. I cut out the cheese and bread. Drink a few to get a rosy glow on occasion and I've stopped making impulsively bad choices. Ok, maybe I still make a few impulsive choices on occasion, BUT! My feet are firmly planted on the ground. Yes, they are, I checked.

Yesterdays plan:

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with 1tsp. of mayo, squirt of horseradish mustard, and spices. 210 calories

No Snack

Lunch: 4 hard boiled eggs for my egg salad with 1/2T of mayo, 4 small squirts of horseradish mustard, and spices 375 calories

Snack? - I bought a 12oz. cup of black coffee mixed with cinnamon and 1 env. of splenda. I drank maybe a 1/4 cup of it. calories??? 20 tops

Dinner: 2 eggs scrambled with my homemade veggie patty, 1/2T of mayo, a couple squirts of mustard and spices. 310 calories

After dinner, my boyfriend gave me a couple of small slices of pizza with no cheese..sauce only. - 600 calories (yeah, dailyplate works great for me!)

1515 calories - Oops! Carbs are higher because of pizza. Yet, it was so goooooood!!!!

Did I mention I went 46 minutes on the elliptical today at full maximum overdrive? Yup, I was a hungry girl but not as bad as I thought I would be.

Have a great day!

134lbs. STILL!!! according to analog scale. Holding steady.

Monday, November 24, 2008

How well did I do this weekend?

I have the flu! Ugh!

My boyfriend told me he's up to here with my low-carb diet. He's holding fast to his homemade bread, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, and herb-seasoned stuffing to go along with the turkey. All these sugar and flour products are all over my kitchen.

Yes, the challenge continues:

Here is what Saturday looked like - I worked all day, too!

5:45am - Breakfast - 300 calories
2 eggs scrambled with veggie patty
A bit of mayo, mustard, and spices (I like 'em hot!)

8:30am - Tall Cafe' Latte at Starbucks with Soy Milk - 140 Calories
(I do not consume dairy.)

12:20pm: Garden Salad with Tuna, Avocado, and Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
650 Calories

7pm - 2 Eggs with Turkey Burger omelet - 1 T of Mayo, mustard, spices.
425 Calories

1,415 Calories

Scale - 134 Pounds - Via Analog (Yuck!)

Sunday - Forget about it! LOL Too sick to count calories nor get on a scale.

Back to business today!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Man - Jimmy Moore has a challenge!

I will go ahead and take the Pepsi Challenge...ah..low-carb menu challenge and see how accountable I can really be!

I have listed my way of eating or woe in previous posts. This time I will add my calorie intake and exercise routine for the day. My nutritionist suggested I toss my scale away but I had stepped on the scale earlier this morning.

133lbs. (Analog scale.)

Here is my menu from yesterday:

6:45am - 300 calories

1 Boca Burger Patty
2 Scrambled eggs
1/2T of Mayo
Bunch of spices

11:08am - 80 Calories
1 HB Egg (Bunch of spices)

1:00pm- 240 Calories
3 Hardboiled Eggs with 1T of Mustard (Bunch of Spices)

3:45pm - 80 Calories
1 HB Egg (Bunch of Spices)

6:15pm - 400 Calories
2 HB Eggs with Tuna and Crab Meat Salad

Total Calories - 1,100

Eggs fill me up!

Friday, November 7, 2008

My way of eating has been updated.

Currently, my Way of Eating is the Egg/Protein Fast. My nutritionist mentioned that mixing it up every day with wholesome foods, the right amount of fats, etc., at the calorie levels my body requires will help me not only control my binge/purge issues, but keep energy levels up for workouts, and to keep myself going throughout a stressful work day.

Mondays - Egg/Protein Fast Day.
Tuesdays - Low carb day - (add 2oz. sweet potato as an example) before working out (End the day with high good fat meal).
Wednesdays - Higher carb day - eat 1/2 cup oatmeal in morning, a piece of fruit for a snack, a big salad for lunch, and end the day with a high good fat meal.
Thursdays - Repeat Monday
Fridays - Repeat Tuesday
Saturday - Repeat Wednesday
Sundays - I decide. (Calorie intake must not go above 1800 calories.)

I have freedom to choose but still am able to set rules and a workable routine for myself.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Round Three of the Fast: How am I doing?

I feel wonderful! I lost about 9lbs. and the inches around my belly seemed to have gone down. Now that I cut out dairy completely, I have not had one episode of gas or bloating. I don't want to become dependent on this plan. Yet, when I try to eat vegetables I feel my appetite bloom! I have to be careful on what type of veggies I eat and how much. A little bit at a time. Baby steps. I want to finally keep my binge episodes in check. This is what works best for me.

Being well-stocked with the supplies I need.

Quick meal preparation.

So far so good!

I'll keep you posted. 132lbs. and close to goal!