Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Only Diet You Will Ever Need…Supposedly

By Douglas Kalman, MS, RD,FACN

(My words are in italics.)

To start off with, on this diet, you’ll have to eat every four hours – even if you’re not hungry (except for when you’re sleeping, of course). Second, your meals are counted by the calories or estimated calorie portion. Third, food items with as little as 200 calories count as meal. A must on this diet system is that you to eat within one hour of completing exercise, and this counts as one of your meals.

Using these guidelines, there’s an absolute understanding that no matter what your preference is, you must have breakfast daily (meal one). This meal has to be protein-centric (meaning that the meal must have more protein than anything else). A first meal option is four egg whites mixed with one (1) ounce of cheese (omelet style) with 1 cup of diced up fruit. Optimally, this meal also has green tea (or something like Lipo-6, Tetrazene, or even MX-LS7) - *Please see a Doctor before taking any OTC medications or supplements. Lipo-6 made my heart race and I stopped taking it. You’re better off drinking green tea for a metabolism boost.

Meal two should be a mixture of mostly protein and fat (known as a P + F meal). This meal can contain a small steak and some natural peanut butter. (Ok, I’d like to see what recipe they came up with for this.) Ideally, the third meal contains carbohydrates, rich in fiber, some protein and even some fat. Such a meal can be 2 cups or mixed vegetable greens with diced chicken breast and 1 tablespoon of oil (canola or extra virgin olive oil) and vinegar dressing (balsamic vinegar). (Add 2 tablespoons of Grey Poupon mustard for texture and tang.) All meals should be accompanied by a cup of natural green tea or a daily serving (per day, not per meal) of any of the aforementioned weight-loss products.

Meal four is more of a snack and one that has some protein and calcium, and is low in sugar, such as an 8 ounce sugar free, light yogurt or 1 percent cottage cheese is recommended.

Meal five should again be rich in fiber and contain protein. For this, a piece of salmon with a couple of cups of steamed vegetables, rounded out by a small amount of extra virgin olive oil drizzled over the vegetables is thought to be optimal.

The last meal of the day is smaller than the prior five and contain protein and carbohydrate. For this you can use the “low carb” dairy beverages (Hood) or something like a banana mixed with two cups of protein powder and crushed ice in water (a protein rich drink) to close out the day. (Whew!) This style of eating uses proteins combined with fibrous vegetables (carbohydrates) or proteins with fats, but hardly ever uses carbohydrates with fats, in order to maintain stable blood sugar levels and to maximize satiety and fat burning all day long. Try this type of diet to expeditiously burn any unwanted weight and let me know how it works for you.

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