Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bye-bye low-carb, Hello, FA!

I had to quit the low-carb lifestyle. It may have helped me in the gym at first, but mentally it wasn't. I go as often as I can and do lots of weight training plus cardio as per my trainer's instructions. Unfortunately, my BED (Binge-Eating Disorder) reared its ugly head and it has been a tough choice to choose a disciplined program such as Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous over my nutrition plan given to me by my trainer. (The trainer's plan had all the earmarks of a low-carb lifestyle, except no cheese .) I tried doing the Stillman's for a while and DANDR 1992 edition for a couple of weeks, too.

I eat my 3 planned and measured meals a day. I don't drink coffee nor consume caffeine for that little added boost to my workouts. I will tell you weight training and cardio seems more difficult without the added protein but even with my pale white skin the muscle definition is very obvious in my arms, shoulders, legs, and finally, I see something in the abs region. My belly looks more like Tara Reid's botched liposuction.(I have lost a total of 56lbs. so far.) My body will never look like a Bodybuilder's and the desire to go into competition has faded. I want to feel good is what I want.

If I don't have that than what else is there?

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