Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why do I care?

I wrote this post at the lowcarb friends site.

My DB was asking me a couple of days ago, "Why do I care?"

It isn't about Hidey. I know her saga. She's FOS and a complete fraud. I hope the wheels of justice can move faster. Slow and steady wins the race.

It is about the the people in KK and the survivors of KK and others caught in the vicious cycle of very low calorie diets and eating disorders that make me write today and every day. Real people caught up in a cat and mouse game of trying to lose weight and perhaps feel good about themselves but only hurting their bodies, their minds. Like you, Dee. I don't mean to pick on you. Yet, your reluctance too see the facts all spread out for you on the internet makes me want to bang my head on the desk! I don't have to be a former member of KK to "relate" because everyone is a Food Addict. We ALL love food yet hate the way it controls ourselves. We can stop drinking. We can stop smoking. Yet, we CAN'T stop eating! It is fuel for our bodies and it can be enjoyed without guilt and remorse. All we need to do is educate ourselves. Education is the key!

Hidey wants to control you and tell you how wonderful you look and how much of a beautiful person you are when she doesn't give a rats behind! She needs your picture to advertise her plan to make money in the same way she needed Christin and Deni, and Larcana, and the Russian Brde website! So, yeah, I am questioning your credibility in that respect.

All that weight you lost? You are going to gain it back once your off KK. You realize that, right? KK is poisoning your mind, too, because you traded one dependence over another. Go ahead and read the CB blog. It gives you spectacular insight into the minds behind KK. I was disgusted by not only the blog but by people still willing to defend the person or persons who authored the garbage posted.

Dee, Carly, or any other lurkers. Take all the breathing space. Time. Whatever. Read. Read it again. When your done read it again.

I apologize to anyone I've offended in this post. I meant no harm.


Nancy Ellyn said...

Wonderful post with great advice.

mariasol said...

I can't wrap my mind around why they expect to be able to keep the weight off when they lose it on kimkins. Most of these people have lost weight before and failed at maintaining the loss. Kimkins' starvation diet will not make it easier!
What's the point in losing weight if it will not stay off?