Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Kimkins Experiment

When I have free time, I often look at the old Kimmer threads at Low-Carb friends. This gives me and anyone else an opportunity a glimpse at the psyche of "Kimmer" is about, the Kimkins plan, and the "glowing" testimonials that followed. Yes, people lost weight, yet, their stats don't quite match up to their losses, and most of them regained the weight or jumped the LCF ship and boarded the SS Kimkins or simply moved on. I know full well the Kimkins plan isn't a new concept. Stillman's and Atkins plans aren't new either. Basically, the KK plan is a bunch of recycled ideas thrown together and given a cutesy name that shows up in a popular housewife checkout line magazine called Women's World. I read the magazine. Even did the crossword puzzle in the back, too. Never even crossed my mind to join. I went on with life and forgot all about it.

I will let you in on a little secret. I tried the original KK plan for 5 days. I took a week off from the gym, boiled eggs, grilled a bunch of turkey burgers and chicken breasts, bought heads of lettuce, cans of tuna, (ugh!) chicken in a can, and some bags of frozen broccoli and spinach. I whipped out my Crate and Barrel digital food scale and portion controlled my meals. I was quite familiar with Stillman's QWL and the Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (in my humble opinion) is all about Intermittent Fasting and portion control. I was desperate for a way to not only control my binge-eating-disorder but to lose some weight in the process. The only differences are I took my supplements as I always did and not rely on a multi-vitamin only, did not consume soda, crystal light, or use artificial sweeteners of any kind. Water, green tea, and peppermint teas were my only beverages.

How did the week go? Hmm...I was able to control my binge eating issues by staying busy all day long at work and going to bed early. I was exhausted the first couple of days and irritated for some reason. I wanted to talk to no one and be left alone. I do not get along well with my co-worker. Maybe that was it. LOL Yeah, it more than likely was lack of caffeine!

I did not feel hunger after the third day. I had to force myself to eat lunch nor did I eat the hard boiled eggs for my snacks. Dinner was a dangerous time for me on the second day, but I talked myself out of eating anything other than dinner and went to bed. I missed going to the gym terribly. Yes, I stuck with the plan for an entire 5 days. Then the weekend came and it wasn't an extreme binge fest as I thought it would be. I had fruit, bread, and cheese. I think I even had a few slices of buffalo chicken pizza. Oh, and I went to Boston Market and had one of their 1/4 chicken meals, too. (Their corn bread is actually pretty good.) After carefully doing the math I barely made it over 1500 calories on both Saturday and Sunday when I averaged them out. The weekend evenings was when I consumed the food I mentioned above.

I did manage to lose some weight. About 5lbs., I guess. Perhaps it was water weight. My weight can fluctuate between 2 to 5lbs. on the same day! I went back to my normal eating patterns and went back to the gym. It felt good to get on the elliptical again! Here is the problem. Lately, I've had to deal with some stress and bouts of depression and I don't know if it is a residual of the experiment or what, but I do not have an appetite whatsoever. I am not starving myself. I eat the 3 weighed and measured meals I prepare. Healthy fats are included. I eat meat, fruit, vegetables, some grains, and a small portion of dairy.
I do have a doctor's appointment next month. I had to postpone it due to financial reasons. I hope my problems aren't due to thyroidal or candida. Sometimes I have horrible bloating episodes and tension headaches after lunch. The peppermint tea helps relieve it.

I'll keep you tuned in on what happens next.

Thanks for reading.


OhYeahBabe said...

I'm sorry to intrude on your blog, but really felt that I needed to make sure you were aware of what the long term effects of the Kimkins diet can be if you can manage to stick to it for a while. Have you seen the Kimkins Diet Survivors blog? Also read Extreme diets like Kimkins don't work.

Another big issue is the weight regain. How painful is it going to be to lose some weight and then have to lose it again? And it will be harder the next time, because of the changes to your metabolism. Even Kimmer can't lose weight or keep it off, even though her career depends on it. Obviously I don't respect the woman because of her ethics, but I'm not picking on her weight for that reason. I'm just telling you that she's a physical example of what can happen to you after too many restrictive diets.

I really do wish you the best of health. You said you are not starving yourself, but remember starvation isn't about hunger. It's about not getting the nutrition you need to fuel your body. Nobody likes to be told not to do something... I hope that you will at least consider what I'm saying and do some more research.

Mimi said...

{{Lora}} I read your post at LCF, but am on permanent moderation there, which means when or if "they" approved my post, the thread would have moved on several pages ahead and my post would have been buried.

So anyway, I just wanted to send you a hug when I read your post, and say there's no need to feel not proud or anything like that.

Who among us hasn't tried the K/E even knowing what we know.

It's just something we seem to have to go through, and as I was saying about this at Fascinated, it's totally normal and human -- that mixture of curiosity, hope, and the feeling that maybe, just maybe, it'll be ok for us even though it harmed somebody else.

For what it's worth, I totally and whole-heartedly agree with OYBabe -- this is about getting the nutrition you need.

Your body and brain are miracles of nature, and deserve the very best of care. Would you starve a friend? Of course not! Please be a friend to yourself, and feed that friend. (uh ok that sounds kind of silly, but you know what I mean?)

Sincere best wishes as you continue on journey.

Mimi a.k.a. Yust Yucky