Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day Two - Egg/Protein Fast

Here I go again trying something new! Eggs, eggs, all day long for 3-5 days with some good fat thrown in. Keeps me satisfied longer than I thought. I probably will not look at an egg after this! LOL

Heck, I will do anything to control my binging in the evenings. I don't go by the scale anymore. It is a nice surprise if it went down but I'm not going to stress over it. In fact, things are finally looking up for me on the home front. I finally was able to snag a part-time job to help pay some bills. Whatever the case maybe, I want this jump start plan to get me going in the right direction. It is obvious my body needed more protein and fat..yes, fat. Tomorrow, will be day 3 and most people at the low-carb friends thread have started added vegetable carbs in. I will see what happens on Thursday and decide if I want to continue til the end of the week.

I wanted to mention to everyone at the Fascinated with Kimmer threads at LCF to stop bickering and finger pointing. I haven't a clue as to what is going on and probably never will. It probably isn't any of my business since I'm a relative outsider. Yet, as an outsider I have a different perspective on the whole deal. It seems to distract us from what needs to be done. Please, ladies and gentlemen, lets be friends again. Where's the love? Come on now, kiss and make up! Now, let's get back to business!


Anonymous said...

hey there I have some questions about this egg and fat fast you are doing? I saw you saying you knew you needed more protein.

I hope you are aware as a low carber your protein need jumps to about a 1 gram of protein for every 2.2 pounds you weight even with adaquet fats in your diet. That is because when we don't eat high carb our body makes the glucose it needs from proteins either in our diet or in our tissues if dietary intake is low.

You might have heard somebody say our muscles and brain can use ketones from the fats so we don't need any carb fuels. Well that is true about those body parts but some body parts like red bloodcells and certain parts of the retina can't use fatty acids nor ketones because they do not have mitochondria which is the power plant where fatty acids and ketones are converted to energy storage molecules.

I saw you didn't want to weigh so if you used your last know body weight you can see the minimum protein grams you'd need.
Say you weighed 135 then your protein needs would be a minimum of 61.3 grams or at least 10 eggs a day. Are you getting that many?

Since you are a recovering Kimkins victim you may have already depleted your protein reserves in your body and might need even more right now just for normal growth and repair.

Please take good care of yourself as you recover from being a Kimkins survivor.

if 10 eggs is revolting by now you might want to add some meat and a few low carb veggies to your eating or just go right to Atkins induction eating cause by now you are in ketosis and your appetite should be suppressed. Adding those yummy low glycemic induction legal veggies should give you a boost in your vits and minerals too.

I hope you are supplementing the heck out of this egg fast cause the only RDA you are getting enough of from the eggs is VitA and B12 and a few minerals

you are very low in potassium and calcuim 2 big minerals for nervous system health.

Unknown said...

Thank you, 2big! I am eating more than 11 eggs daily along with other protein such as fish, chicken, and turkey. I do not eat red meat of any kind. Since I am increasing my protein consumption, my weight-training workouts are putting less fatigue on my system. I have more strength lifting heavier weights. I can bench press 45lbs.! I am not doing this plan blindly. I still take all my supplements including potassium tablets which I've increased to 2 a day instead of one. I am planning on my transition where I begin incorporating veggies once again. I find that, yes, fat, is GOOD for me and not bad.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Glad to here the egg fast isn't just eggs too.
there are some folk who did just fast on eggs to lose weight.and not very many of them neither.

Woo hoo on getting stronger too.