Tuesday, November 16, 2010

7 Day Plan

Day One:

I'm channeling my friend's 7-Day plan this week and giving it a whirl until Sunday.

Today's Menu (Adding calorie counts - mainly for my benefit.):

Breakfast: 3 fried eggs with 4oz. non-fat cottage cheese, some hot salsa on top (325 calories)

Lunch: Veggie Patty on whole wheat roll, 6 carrots, a dollop of low-fat ranch dressing, hot mustard onto the roll, an 3 green grapes my boss gave me.
(280 calories)

Snack: 80 Calorie Dannon (Coconut/pineapple) non-fat yogurt.

Dinner: Not sure as yet. My total calorie intake should be about 1400 to 1500 calories daily. I have over 715 calories to use for my dinner.

I thought 3 scrambled eggs with broccoli with red and green peppers sounded good. If I am still hungry I will have a chocolate whey protein shake.

Day Two:

stayed within my calorie allotment but I did not have a protein shake last evening.

Today's menu:
Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled, tuna with 2 T of light ranch dressing, Mustard, 1T of non-fat cottage cheese, hot sauce. (460 Calories)

Snack: 1 hard boiled egg (80 Calories)

Lunch: Veggie Patty on whole wheat roll, 11 carrots, hot mustard onto the roll. (234 Calories)

Snack: 80oz. Dannon yogurt

Dinner: Veggie Patty on whole wheat roll, 1 scrambled egg, 1T of dressing, some hot mustard (320 calories)

Snack: 1 hard-boiled egg (80 calories)

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