Friday, April 1, 2011

Back with a Vengence - WW Way

Weight Watcher's Point Plus. My new way of eating has catapulted me into losing 7.6lbs. in 2 weeks according the weekly weigh-in at the meetings. The scale at home has me a few pounds lower. But really it isn't about numbers on a scale, it's how I feel! Wonderful! Energy to go to the gym. A better night sleep. No feelings of panic because I want to enjoy a light beer and some wings on Saturday evenings. The best part is how I'm retraining my brain to eat better and finding new and nourishing foods that will keep me within my daily points total and satisfy me throughout the day is really fun!

It's easier than I ever thought possible! I can have my bread, fruit and veggies. And I'm not knocking low-carb induction but ketosis pp and stinky breath isn't my idea of living. I tried. It was not for me.

Could I do low-carb with the points that I have?
Could I do South Beach? Protein Plus? Sure. Yet, for me, eating clean seems to make me feel more euphoric.

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