Thursday, January 10, 2008

Internet Surfer Girl...

This week, I've been riding the waves of the fitness/weigh-loss /political world. Where have I been?

Low Carb Friends (Cool site!)

Kimkins (I'm not linking to that site! Forgetaboutit!)
The negative side of Kimkins - lots of blogs for that one. You literally can get a headache from reading about the founder and con-artist Heidi Diaz. I wouldn't be surprised to see Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC covering this story any time soon. (I get my supplements here.) (Political) - Get your fill of the presidential candidate mishaps here! - The low down on frozen foods! Fun site!

There are too many to choose from! Here I go again!

35 Days away from Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

thank you for your honest review of the lies and scam being written on and sold by Kimmer.

Hoepfully no one else will become a page on the kimkins survivors blog page.

OhYeahBabe said...

Thank you so much for stating your opinion about Kimkins. The news about Kimkins gets worse every day! I'll be glad when the lawsuit is done and her doors are closed.

Fun blog!