Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've lost weight and this is happening to me, finally!

I often wondered what happens when you finally do lose all the weight and fit into all those clothes you've always wanted to wear (you sexy thing you!)?! I've observed a few things in the past couple of weeks that has motivated me even further.

Men and women are checking me out at the gym and a few have complimented my accomplishments. (Boosts my ego!)

I work in a customer-service oriented business and customers as well as a few vendors are doing the same.

There seems to be a little more respect given when I speak.

I found myself looking at old pictures and wonder why the hell didn't I lose the weight any sooner?!

I am excited about the summer for the first time since I was a school girl!

Yes, it all feels great! I feel and look younger and healthier. I still got a ways to go before I'm toned up and ready for let's say an....(OCB - Organization of Competitive Body Builders) or a Fitness show. Yet, now I'm in the "I got to help my friends now" zone and having a great time!

Who'd have ever thought I'd turn fitness into a hobby or maybe a new career??!!

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HappyBlogChick said...

It sounds like you're floating on air ... and you should be, as light as you're getting!

I'm so glad you have all these outside validations of how well you're doing. We do this for our own wellness and health and feeling good about ourselves, but it never hurts to have others boost the ego, right?

I'm so happy for you.

Now this no alcohol challenge ... is that a subtle hint? ;-) No, seriously, that's great. Alcohol is a BIG waste of calories/points/carbs/whatever. I typically enjoy it rarely in moderation (despite what my over-the-top experience over the weekend suggests).

Anyway, I love hearing about your success!