Thursday, February 14, 2008

Training Dazed

I started training this week with my new master trainer, Ralph from Planet Fitness. He's teaching me the proper form and posture this week while working all of my smaller muscles. When did training become fun? I do find myself sitting and standing straighter lately. I'm always the slouch. I'm thinking of training for my first fitness show. We'll see what happens. I had my very last crappy meal at Applebee's tonight. Was it worth it? No. Food tastes better when its fresh, clean, unprocessed, and cooked properly. Clean eating really is the way to go.

As I need all the help I can get, I'll be picking people's brains for nutrition tips!

In other news: Woman's World apologized for showcasing Kimkins in their June 12, 2007 magazine. Its a start.

Happy Valentine's Day to those ladies and gentlemen on the MSN weight-loss forums! I hope you achieved your first goals!!

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Anonymous said...

glad you are enjoying your workouts and are seeing some of the effects in other parts of your life too.