Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sometimes there are these things called "set-backs".

I wish I didn't have any but unfortunately the past two weeks have been tough and the scale doesn't lie. I'm trying something new to my diet this week which may shake things up a bit. I'm trying the Stillman's Challenge but on my own terms since my weight training requires I eat extra calories. My biggest challenge by far are the weekends when my schedule is shaken up. Maintaining this weight I've lost is NOT EASY by any means. Old habits can creep back on me and a little bite can cost me and all the hard work seems like such a waste of time!

I started this challenge yesterday and I will write again next week to see how things progress.


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Anonymous said...

Glad you caught it early and are not going to allow yourself to be part of that huge group that gains the lost weight back.

Hang in there and fight hard for that healthier smaller body you worked so hard to gain.