Saturday, November 29, 2008

I was a naughty low-carber!

I ate. Plenty. Too much homemade bread with ghee, I think it was on Thursday and Friday. I had my key-lime pie and a half-cup of ice cream (ugh felt bloated after). I don't think I went hog wild.

I do have pictures of my dinner and the bread. I'll post those on Monday since unfortunately I have had a "computer" set-back. My access is limited. LOL

Today though went well:

Breakfast: 3 eggs with mayo, mustard, and spices (300 calories) - 5:45am (I worked today.)
Snack: 1 Small black coffee (15 calories) - 7:20am
Lunch: Garden salad with tuna and mayo, balsamic vinaigrette (500 calories) 1:15pm
No afternoon snack
Dinner: 4oz. of salad with 2oz. of tuna, mayo, and spices (300 calories)

1,015 calories

It actually feels good to eat lighter today. More normal. Man, I gotta stay away from the homemade bread! LOL

For all those who are mildly curious, I am not starving myself. I workout regularly and take vitamins and supplements. I drink plenty of water. I feel great!


Vadim said...

lol, it is amazing to follow these blogs. Isnt there alwaya a world of difference between men and women. It is funny how you defensively put it out there, before anyone start asking if you were starving..... It was funny to me. Hey, you are not on the diet sprint. We are all here to do a marathon, so few tweaks here, few setback there are not that bad. It is all about consistency. You are doing ok, keep it up!

Harry/JP said...

Good day, Lora.

That's why I'm a horrible baker ... so homemade bread won't tempt me! :-)

Seriously though, I'm happy you're feeling strong and healthy - even after your holiday detour.

It's good to see you back blogging and I'll look forward to watching your week progress.

Let's rock this week!

Me said...

Hey that's great! Feeling good is the best sign your body gives you in my opinion.

What is in the homemade bread that would make it lc? It sounds delicious!

Vadim, I don't know if it was me that was being referred to but I did ask in a Comment I left about the cals being low and if she was eating enough for her activity. And she's answered perfectly :)

Unknown said...

There is nothing LC about homemade bread and that is my problem! LOL

Thanks all for commenting!

Don't worry I'll be lurking around yours pretty soon. :)