Monday, December 1, 2008

November 30, 2008 - Sunday

Breakfast: 2 eggs with veggie patty, 1/2T of mayo, mustard, spices (liberal use of Cayenne pepper!) - 300 Calories

Lunch: 3 Egg omelet with tomatoes cooked in ghee (clarified butter) - 450 calories

Dinner: Turkey tetrazzini (penne pasta with mushrooms, peas, mushroom soup, cheddar cheese), 4 slices of homemade bread - 720 calories

1470 calories - 136lbs. :(

I think I'll go scale free for a while. LOL My weight is creeping up from all that darn bread!

Back on my egg/protein fat fast rotation for the next few days to get rid of this excess water weight!

I am actually glad to be back at work with a normal routine! I eat better when I do because I bring my lunch from home. I also prefer eating 3 square meals a day, too. Strange I know.

I'm trying to persuade the man of the house to do the 7 fishes for Christmas instead of roast beef. I do not eat red meat! LOL I'll keep you updated.



Vadim said...

Those men and their red meat! I know the feeling i am that man! My ex used to hate sharing dinner table with me, mostly for my Barbarian ethics when it comes to food. lets just say, i am not very fond of using utensils. so some of our species are more pain in the butt than others. And get off the bread, girl, kick it out of your way or pass it to your boy!

Harry/JP said...

There's nothing strange about liking "three square meals a day"! Either that, or I'm strange too! No comments about that last part, please.

I rather like a predictable order - at least most of the time. It makes me feel like there's actually some order in all of this disorder (life).