Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Zero Carb or not to Zero Carb? That is the question.

I am reading some interesting details from the ZC forum and LCF. When I was on the egg/protein fat fast I did feel good. Yet, my energy plummeted during the evening when I needed it most. At the gym. Now, I think I may be finding out the real reason why. Protein. I need to eat more protein throughout the day. At least 140g worth. Plus more fat.

I find myself going off plan a little to often these days. A cookie here. Some bread there. Even the low-carb veggies are leaving me bloated.

At this point, I will do more research and check with the online trainer if this would be a good way to go.

Go easy!


Anonymous said...

Zero carb will cut the cravings.

There are several versions. One is fatty meat and water only.

The other is the one the Bear started. Which is fatty meat, coffee, heavy cream, eggs and sometimes cheese.

Bear doesn't eat pork because he doesn't like it. I believe he does eat chicken on occasion.

Either way if fine. Some people can't lose if they eat eggs and cheese.

I haven't found those founds to be a problem for me.

Good luck.


Rent to Own said...

I don't believe zero carbs is the answer. The body needs some carbs to function properly. Muscle cramping will be one side effect from zero carbs. Just because you read one study about someone doing something does not mean they actually did it. Zero carbs will lead to exactly what you have done that is you craved carbs!

George Pragovich
Cancer Recovery and Fitness Specialist
Trainer of Personal Trainers

Anonymous said...

The body does not need any carbs to function as presented by numerous incidences of scientific evidence in Gary Taubes "Good Calories, Bad Calories". And zero carb will not lead to carb cravings, it will do the exact opposite. It's almost pathetic this guy is a "Fitness Specialist" when he knows nothing about nutrition and probably nothing about fitness for that matter.