Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A week filled with highs and lows.

I'm trucking along with my food and exercise plan. It is challenging to say the least being on low-carb. Yet when you are on a budget? Eggs and turkey meatloaf are what has yielded me the most meals this week. I enjoy eating the same meals throughout the week, too. I am less likely to binge if my food is prepared ready to eat. When it isn't? Boy, that homemade bread is sooo tempting!

Meals today:

B: 3 egg whites, 1 veggie pattie, 1/4 teaspoon of mayo, mustard, spices - green tea
Snack: 4oz. of cottage cheese, 6 almonds
L: 4oz. of turkey meatloaf, 3oz. of red kidney beans, 1 scrambled egg - green tea
Snack: 1/2 grapefruit, 6 almonds
D: Same as lunch. - green tea

On a side note, I'm thinking of the possibility of zero-carb. Meat and eggs all day does not sound as revolting a year ago. The protein does fuel me at the gym and the fat curbs my appetite. I never felt as good as when I was on the egg/protein fat fast. I may look into this before I do the whole heave-ho with my grapefruit, blueberries, and broccoli.

Go easy!


bayoubabe said...

I've had four days filled with 'lows' (read my blog for today), so I'm just catching up. Go ahead and make your bread ! Whats stopping ya LOL. Every try the slow cooker low carb recipes ? I'm just starting today... and I'm waiting for my 'high's' for the week to come.


Harry/JP said...

The zero carb diet intrigues me. I like it's simplicity. And I know that some people truly swear by it.

If you give it a shot, I'll be watching your experience with great interest.

I hope the rest of the week provides you with plenty of "highs". :)

Anonymous said...

Why are you eating egg whites instead of the whole egg?


Vadim said...

Miriam, I second your opinion! Lora, the crowd of me and Miriam want to know whats up with yellow? Lora, you look fit and slim. At least from my perspective. Why do you want to do all meat and eg diet? Does it make you feel good? I remember you said low carb was making you tired int the gym. So being that you are slim, few berries and low glycemic fruits might not be too bad. I dont know, what you think?