Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sugar - Free March Madness

Join me this month in putting the artificial sweeteners and such far far away in never never land. I was very successful in December by eliminating sodas and Splenda. Now, I've had some feedback from a few fellow gym goers interested in the experiment inspired by Jimmy Moore. They want me to blog about my experiences this month in not only going sugar-free but abstaining from fructose, too. A trainer from my gym is a lurker at Zeroing in on Health and has suggested an all ketogenic diet for the next two weeks. He prefers eating fatty meats and water. I prefer eggs, lean meats, olive, avocado oils, as well as limited full-fat mayo, with my only spices, cayenne, black pepper, and mustard.

I am also training for a half-marathon for Boston's Run to Remember. I thought it was in June. Oops! It is in May and I'm getting an all out training regimen, TOMORROW!

Wish me luck!


Harry/JP said...

Good luck, Lora! You've shown a lot of strength and determination in time I've been following you. I'm sure you can do this!

This should be an exciting and interesting experiment.

I think you're probably the most "serious/intense" exerciser in the LC Menu Blog Challenge. It's always interesting to see how your dietary strategies impact your athletic performance. :)

NewVision said...

Good luck with your marathon and your sweet free challenge. I will be following to see how it goes.