Friday, January 2, 2009

Eating better...finally!

Breakfast: 2 eggs with veggie patty, mayo, mustard, spices (300 calories)
Lunch: Tuna salad in a whole grain wrap, hot peppers (620 calories)
Dinner: Same as breakfast (300 calories)

Total Calories: 1220

Little by little I'm trying to get back to normal eating. The holidays have thrown my routine off schedule that's for sure. At least the workouts are getting better! I need my strength and the complex carbs I'm slowly re-introducing are helping me tremendously. I've stayed at 20g of carbs or less for far too long.

As for the sweet, I haven't consumed a drop of soda or opened a packet of splenda. What is the allure of soda? Whether you can drink it or not is beside the point, it is harmful to your body. No, thank you!

I've got to go to bed soon. Work tomorrow.

Take care!



Me said...

Finally! That's fantastic, I'm very happy to hear you're doing so well.

Harry/JP said...

The site looks sharp and so does your menu today!

Keep heading back in the right direction, Lora!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Me said...

Hey, how you been going the past few days? No updates?


Anonymous said...

Re soda: I can go years without drinking it and then start craving that fizz and sweetness again. Usually I have 2 or 3 sips and that's enough. I can't imagine drinking a whole one anymore-not appealing.

pooti said...

Happy New Year Lora! Keep up the great progress. Those big bad holidays are behind us now!