Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Low Carb is killing my workouts...

So many wonderful things are going to be happening as far as my nutrition and training are concerned. I belong to another forum called body building . com and was able to join a team and a group for free to help me with my goals!

My eating and training has been horrible the past few months. I felt good and had energy but not enough to gain muscle. This is what I want and need!

If low-carb isn't helping me achieve my goals then I must find the right plan that works for me.


"Unless you have some kind of timing issue, start your morning with a real breakfast...not a shake.

For breakfast, eat BOTH oats and an egg omelet. Not either or. You definitely don't want to be eating a carb-only meal.

Surround your workouts (the time you need carbs the most) with complex carbs and protein. Basically, eat what you have scheduled for dinner both before and after your workout.

Try to get your protein more from whole food sources rather than protein shakes.

Eat something high in protein (nuts are a source of fat, not protein) with every meal and eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal."

- Amanda76 from San Angelo, TX - Body Building . com


Harry/JP said...

Good day, Lora.

No matter what plan you ultimately end up with ... I'll hope for the very best for you. :)

I'll keep checking in to see how this new dietary strategy works out. I'm here to learn and to support.

My general feeling is that most diets, that stick to healthy whole foods are generally quite healthful. Some are better suited for some than others.

I applaud you for experimenting and testing your own beliefs. Good for you and good luck to you!

Vadim said...

Lora, it is a debatable subject. I know ton , ande I mean ton of bodybuilders who are in top shape using very low carb diets. It is a lifestyle for them. And almost all professional bodybuilders go on low carb diets 3 months before comptetition, its called cut period. But you have to feed your body more calories if you are an avid bodybuilder. Is it possible to loose fat and gain muscle? Thats at least a million dollars queation, lkots of debate around that subject. But I have seen people do it with my own eyes. Physiologicvally there are tow different tasks and body uses different pathway to get there, but if you employ science, and I mean science it is possible. A lot of work goes into planning and following such plan. Have you ever heard of Tom Venuto. Google him or google loose fat build muscle program. Tom is a very respected bodybilder and he doesnt recommend low carb per say, but his methods are pretty intresting and very science based. i highly recommend him. And you dont have to completely abandon low carb. Just add a piece of whole grain here and htere, or more fruits to your diet and it works too! Good luck!

Me said...

Hi Lora,

I second the others, you have to do what's right for you. Have you had a look at

I would simply LOVE to have bulging muscles. I'll be reading your blog with added interest. Good luck!

Hey, you going to post progress pics? ;)

Unknown said...

Absolutely, Erika! I'll take a look at musclehack. :)

Thanks, Harry! I'll be writing down my menus, too.

Vadim, I have to go by my own experiences in the gym and being on low-carbs isn't helping my energy levels where I need it most. Lifting heavy! I have heard and read about Tom Venuto. :) I'm in the process of getting a free online coach with some sponsorship backing. They will be getting back to me in a couple of weeks. This involves supplements, nutrition, and training. I do exactly what they say, submit progress pictures, and I'll be on my way!

Right now, I want to prepare myself for whatever comes my way.

Vadim said...

Lora, keep blogging . I would love to see your journey and diet changes.

Anonymous said...

Okay guys there are now two of you with new blog looks and they are both white type on a black background.

Having spent most of my life in the advertising industry and working with type faces the best advice I can give is please make the switch to black type on white background.

It is much easier to read and has been shown to be more eye friendly.


Vadim said...


bayoubabe said...

My son is 135 and 5'9, he's 16 years old and the doctor told him that he is 'thin' muscle mass wise.

Heck, my husband and two other sons LOOK like they are thin, but weigh more than they look.

I guess the point I am trying to say is that some people's bodies are JUST THAT WAY. LEAN.

We eat all the right foods, etc, but like you say, you have to try to work out regularly to build muscle.

Can you mix up your exercise routine, or the exercises themself ? Perhaps, doing the same work outs everyday, your muslces have 'memory'.. try changing up the routine, or even the exercise, add more weight.

I have just the opposite problem, I have to do more REPS, to get tone and to LOOSE WEIGHT.

Either way, changing up the routine, will help, also take a look at the foods you are eating and choose the ones with the best protein source for you and the ones you are not bored with.

Hope this helps and good luck on your journey !