Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When will I get better?

I hate being this way! I need to get out of the house!

I'll be back at work tomorrow regardless of how I feel. Then it will be back to my regularly scheduled food and exercise routine.


bayoubabe said...

I'm so sorry you are not feeling better. If It's any consulation, I've been down and out for two days now.

Best advice is to rest, and eat well (low carb, of course.)

We are thinking of you

Harry/JP said...

Good luck at work tomorrow, Lora.

I hope you're feeling fully well (or well enough) by that time.

Take good care!

Unknown said...

I'll admit I've binged and not happy. :(

NewVision said...

Hope your feeling better soon.
Hang in there.
Take care!