Monday, April 26, 2010

Viva la Dukan?

Over the years I've researched and became a guinea pig to many different ways of eating. I enjoy reading the variety of slimming plans that come from Europe. The one I linked above is not new in the least. Dukan's initial fast weight loss in the first week is basically a recycling of Stillman's.

Dr. Dukan's "Attack"

Dr. Stillman's - "Quick Weight Loss"

Today, I started in the first phase "Attack" or "QWL" phase this week. I will concentrate on my eating and do moderate exercise such as biking and the elliptical. I know from past experiences my body experiences major fatigue once I reach ketosis by the third day. I don't want to mess around this time and am following the plan(s) to the letter.


Vadim said...

Why do you want to go such a drastic route? I understand you want to lose weight fast but it is rather extreame way unless you are absolutely ready for it. Thats what happened to me, I would go on such a restricted way of induction lose lots of weight, get very fatigued in a process bringing on constipation and anxieties and then binge on carbs. Its a bad cycle. But if you are ready for it, good luck!

Unknown said...

Here's the thing, after looking over my notes from over a year ago, I realized why Stillman's and the Egg/Protein Fat Fast failed me. I was doing far too much at the gym which depleted my energy levels. Eating mass amounts of protein did not help matters. Induction flu, ketosis fatigue, etc. effects everyone in the very beginning and it hit me very hard! I am more concerned with getting my eating back in order.

As I mentioned in my post, Dukan and Stillman's beginning phase is very similar. I tried doing what Jimmy was doing and the butter and cheese turns my stomach. I could not do it. This seems to have flexibility. I'm giving this the old college try!

Vadim said...

Ok, I am cheering for you! You go girl!