Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And it begins...again!

The other night, my trainer and I took a nice little walk over to the Vitamin Shoppe and looked around for some supplements I need for my workouts. Along with the multi-vitamin I already take, she suggested these:

Green Tea Extract

She suggested I consume carbs such as oatmeal and low-carb pita bread in the morning and at lunch. And make sure I eat fruit, vegetable and protein with every meal. At dinner, a salad with vegetables, fruit and protein will do my body good. I need to keep away from foods that contain high amounts of sodium such as olives and hard cheese.

I must remember to eat during the day! And prepare all my meals and snacks ahead of time and most especially on the weekends. She is happy I am on WW PP since it is very flexible and can be tweaked at any time.

My workout plan: 5 days a week with one day of a fun activity. One day completely off. (20 minutes of cardio.) - 3 days a week of strength training.

Mondays: Chest/Back
Tuesdays: Cardio and Abs Only
Wednesdays: Shoulders/Arms
Thursday: Cardio and Abs Only
Friday: Fun activity
Saturdays: Legs
Sunday: Rest

This starts next Monday. We'll see what happens. I'm finishing out my week with doing what I do at the gym right now and staying within my dpt with WW.

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