Thursday, December 18, 2008

Binge Alert!

Breakfast and Lunch: 2 eggs scrambled, veggie patty, 1/4T of mayo, mustard and spices
Dinner: 1 HB egg, 4oz. of tuna w/mayo, 2 turkey cubes

Ugh! I was still hungry after my workout and had chicken breast and MAC and CHEESE!

I feel sick even though it wasn't that much.

I want salt for some reason. Salt salt salt salt salt salt.

I'm too upset at myself right now.


Vadim said...

Lora, salt, salt , salt , salt means you could be pregnant, pregnant, pregnant! I that even a possibility?

Vadim said...

or it could be just that you want salt. You know what Freus said, sometimes even a cigar is just that!

Unknown said...

I'd rather have a dog than a baby and no I'm not pregnant.

Without giving too much information, I live a celibate life at the moment. :)

Vadim said...

I have a german shephard! I love him, he is my best buddy. I should definitely do a post on him. He is an unbelievably intelligent dog! Ok, so you are not pregnand, then it might be that your body could be salt depleted. Try putting sea salt in your drinks then. I do put sea salt at times with lemon in my seltzer, it makes it zippy. As far as your celibate life, its ok we are all adults here! I do too at the moment, too busy for anything other than work at least for now!

Me said...

Hi Lora,

If your body wants salt, it will eventually win. I try to just add a bit more salt to a broth or something like that. You can add it to your drink like Vadim says.... though I think that's disgusting hahaha. Maybe put some on your veggie patties.

It's just a craving and it shouldn't do any damage adding a bit more to your diet for now. Keep up those supps too :)