Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Sweet-Free Challenge Continues....

Tuesday Menu - December 15, 2008

6:45am - 2 eggs scrambled, Whole Foods Veggie Patty, 1 teaspoon of mayo, mustard, and spices
(285 calories)

1:00pm - Same as breakfast. (285 calories)

6:10pm: 1 hb egg, 4oz. tuna with mayo, few red kidney beans, 1 turkey cube
(325 calories)

I had some pepperoni slices and some mozzarella cheese (250 calories) to add more calories and fat.

1,145 calories

Wednesday - December 16, 2008

Breakfast: 2 eggs with 1 teaspoon of mayo, mustard, and spices (195 calories)

Lunch: Same as breakfast but with added Veggie Patty (300 calories)

Dinner: 1 hb egg, 4oz. tuna with mayo, few red kidney beans (225 calories)

Oops! My calories are way too low at 720! Yes, this is starting to worry me and my weight has dropped to 129lbs. Eek! Yet, I don't want to force myself to eat if I'm not hungry and eating coconut oil seems revolting to me.

Today at work my boss brought out a small round tin of Danish butter cookies. Thought I will miss the butter goodness and sweetness of these cookies. They aren't worth breaking the challenge.

I'm going to continue this challenge until my Doctor's appointment in January and then we will be able to sit down and evaluate my eating. Please , folks, don't worry about me. My nutritionist reads my blog and is fully aware of what I'm doing.

Take care,


P.S. - Yes, Vadim, even with low calories, I have plenty of stamina to spare at the gym. ;)

Oy, vey is right!


Me said...

Hi Lora, if you're feeling good then I think you have found the right food plan and balance for YOUR body. Well done!

Keep up the good work resisting those cookies too! Trust me, once you give in and have one, they're NOT worth it.

Vadim said...

Fantastic job! I am starting to crave that boiled egg with mayo and whole food patty! I think I am conditioned by now reading your blog every day,lol. keep it up, girl!

Harry/JP said...

I'm glad to read that you're feeling well on your current menu plan, Lora.

That's the main thing. Health first.

No matter what the numbers say - the calories, the pounds, etc.

As long as you're caring well for yourself and getting good guidance (from your nutritionist) ... then I'm happy for you! :)

pooti said...

Hey girl, I just want to mention the thyroid doc who is really brilliant, Dr. Broda Barnes, talks about low calorie and low carb is a thyroid disaster waiting to happen.

I know it's hard when you are firmly in ketosis but please please try to keep your calories up hon!!!

WTG on remaining sweet free and avoiding those temptations!!!