Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank the Troops from Xerox!

This is a great idea! Simple, free, and means a lot to our troops. Support them.

Pick a specially designed card from one of the children, put your name, hometown, and a message. Send it! See wasn't that easy?

Here is the link: Give Thanks and Joy!

Also, my menu from yesterday. Wait, it was exactly the same as yesterday! LOL Same calories, too. Why do I keep eating the same thing? I have no idea. LOL Tomorrow, my menu will change as it usually does over the weekend, but still committed 100% to the Sweet-Free Challenge!



Harry/JP said...

How funny! A colleague sent me the very same link earlier today!

It's a great idea for a site. I sent one of those cards a long time ago. But, I'll send another one after this post.

Thanks for the reminder. Great site.

As for my comments ... same menu as yesterday ... same comments as yesterday! Ha!

Me said...

Hehehe eating the same thing days in a row is just fine if that's what you want to do :)

I do it all the time!

Keep it up with the sweet free challenge, you're doing great.