Sunday, December 21, 2008

Living without TV and the Sweet Free Challenge

2 nights ago, I received a text that the tv had died. RIP tv. I can't say I was upset with that fact. Probably more upset that my boyfriend would not be able to enjoy a football game for a while. Or a DVD. (We were planning to rid ourselves of cable anyway.) On top of that, we have about a foot of snow on the ground as of this morning. It did not stop me from going into work yesterday. Lo and behold the MBTA came through with a few glitches here and there.

With all the stress, it has affected my eating. I am ashamed to say, I've had bread and pasta. Yet, the good thing is no sweet has touched these lips. No danish cookies. No diet soda. No splenda in the coffee. Nada nada nada. The thing that surprises me the most is I have not binged. The amounts were a few ounces here and there. I ate my regular 3 meals a day. My doctor hopes in January, if the low-carb plan suits my needs than I should embrace it at the Life Maintenance level since I am at goal. There is no need for crash diets as in years past. I should find new ways to increase muscle mass and turn the skinny fat into a lean body. I'm going to finish out the 2 weeks sweet free. I wrote here that I would do it and I shall!

Here is what I ate on Friday:

B: 2 eggs with 1/2t of mayo, mustard, spices.
L: 2 eggs with 1/2t of mayo, mustard, spices, veggie patty
Dinner: Buffalo tenders with celery and bleu cheese dressing and a side of linguni w/parmasean cheese drizzled on top.

B: 3 slices of my boyfriend's homemade bread w/butter (5:45am)
L: Garden salad with tuna - basil dressing (12:15pm)
D: Garden salad with tuna(Yes, I know tuna again and about the dangers of mercury), Extra Virgin Olive dressing with Italain seasonings (7:10om)

Take to you all later.



Harry/JP said...

Howdy, Lora.

Congrats on sticking to your challenge no matter what!

Being without TV is probably a healthy thing too. I did that once for a few months. I hope you'll blog about that part of your experience as well. I'll bet your insights would be interesting.

Continued success!

Anonymous said...

Lora I'm sorry you are struggling. Please do everything you can to make the next best choice. I understand caving to your addictions/cravings and can empathize - just remember you can be an unhealthy skinny person just as easily as you can be an unhealthy fat person.

:hugs: and hang in there. Move forward with resolve. You deserve it sweetie!


NewVision said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Me said...

Hi Lora,

You kept your eye on the prize and didn't go outside your challenge. Even if the options weren't perfect, you've done the best for your situation and I'm very proud of you! Well done!!