Monday, December 15, 2008

Checkpoint! - Halfway through the sweet-free challenge!

2 weeks without sweet and still going strong! I avoided the sweets at the Christmas party I went to on Saturday and on Sunday returned to my normal eating. Unfortunately, I wound up eating less calories than I would like. 850 calories.

Here is what I ate yesterday (December 14, 2008 - Sunday)

Breakfast: 9am - 300 calories - 2 eggs, Whole Foods veggie patty, mayo, mustard, and spices

Late Dinner: 5pm - 300 calories - same

Still hungry an hour later - 5oz. tuna with mayo, 2 celery stalks - 250 calories

After that I was full and did not eat anything else.

Green tea and water like always.

I had gone to the gym that afternoon and worked on legs, abs, and 25 minutes of elliptical.



pooti said...

Lora you're doing great! Way to go for getting through the Christmas party!!!

Vadim said...

i am still amazed how you can get less than 100o calories and still do the gym routine! Lora, girl keep it up if thats what works! Do you eat fish?

NewVision said...

Getting through this tough holiday season (when everything seems to be just under the nose) is great. Keep up the good work.