Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 9, 2008 - Tuesday

Sweet free and feeling good! I'm not missing the sodas or sugar one bit.

How's my eating? Very repetitive and after reading Vadim's comment, not very much either. Eating fat helps fill my increasingly shrinking stomach. I can barely get up to 1200 calories in.

My food is the same, eggs, veggie patties, mayo, avocado and extra virgin olive oil (for cooking eggs), fish, turkey, lettuce, and spinach.

Oh, I've had cravings. Don't get me wrong. I am in no way perfect. I wanted to eat some walnuts and pumpkin seeds last night. I know my stomach would bloat up to such a degree I'd be airborne. It isn't worth the extra calories to be uncomfortable. I drank my tea and went to bed. Another thing is, I have to go to bed earlier to avoid those cravings in the future. Otherwise, I'll become a binge-monster!

So here's the menu:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, mayo, mustard, spices
Lunch: Same
Dinner: 2 hard-boiled eggs, a small dab of tuna with mayo, 1 turkey cube.

956 calories (ugh!) - Now I know why I wanted walnuts and pumpkin seeds!! Far too low! Yet, I wasn't hungry after my workout.

(I love Lambert's on Tremont Street, Boston) - They have the best salad bar! I go there every day after the gym. I questioned the manager about calorie content, so I will know exactly what calories I'm getting in!!



Harry/JP said...

Congrats on staying sweet-free, Lora. That's excellent.

Please watch the calories though. I won't repeat what others have said. But, I'm a little concerned about that too.

We just want to make sure you're losing in a healthy way!

Take good care. :)

pooti said...

Hi Lora and congrats on the sweet free success. I also want to echo Harry's thoughts. You sure are low on your calories. Maybe you could cut back slightly on the fat and add a bit more protein in? I'm not the expert on that for sure though.

Jimmy Moore said...

SUPERB work, Lora! You are doing well, although eating MORE fat will get your calories up there out of Kimkins-level of starvation. Fat is what is most important to keep elevated with moderate protein and as few carbs as possible. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!