Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sweet Free Challenge for the Month of December

Sweet, eh? This chick isn't a chocolate or pastry eater. I'm a lover of bread. I told the man of the house I am on a challenge! Make the pastas, the pies, the cookies, the breads, and the red meat for yourself! (Yes, Vadim, my man loves to eat and he uses utensils on occasion! LOL) I can stop drinking the diet sodas and since I keep a list of their ingredients at work and what they can do to the body and mind this really will be easy to give up for not only a month but a long time.

I had no sweet yesterday so I can say I started already! Yeah, me!

Here is my menu from yesterday:

Breakfast: 6:45am - 300 Calories
2 Eggs with veggie patty, mayo, mustard, spices (cayenne pepper) - Makes me sneeze! :)

Lunch: 12:30pm - 300 Calories
Same as Breakfast

Dinner: 7:20pm - 300 Calories
Same as Breakfast

Went to the gym at 5pm - 20 minutes of elliptical, 30 minutes of chest exercises, 10 minutes of abs. It felt good to get back into my routine.

I'm not especially hungry after the gym. Maybe the carbs are working their way out of my system? By Wednesday, I'll be starving and adding snacks. Unless I go into ketosis or something. I don't waste time and money buying sticks. I go by my appetite. I got to go to work! Talk to you all soon!



Anonymous said...

I'm on the challenge also! I was noticing you ate the same thing each meal-that's the beauty of low carb I think. I think the whole balanced diet thing is nonsense if you're eating the right things (fat and protein.) Sorry, almost went on a tangent! Good luck on the challenge-it will be tougher than it seems at first probably.

Vadim said...

I love the way you wrote your post today. Breakfast- a,b, c lunch and dinner -see breakfast . Gym - 20 min elliptica, 30- chest and 10 min abs, gotta go to work see ya! Lol, it wasnt lots of words, but got my attention and did the job! You love those eggs, dont you! Good job, keep it up and stay away from your man when he is eating bread, I dont think you can resist. Not the man, I mean bread!

Harry/JP said...

An excellent day's work, Lora! Way to jump start your new challenge.

Really inspiring!

PS - Going breadless and pastaless is possible. I'm Italian. So, if I can do it ... you can do it too!

Me said...

Hi Lora,

Good luck with your new challenge! I bet you'll go just fine if you don't have much of a sweet-tooth already :)