Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sweet Free - Day 3 - Dec. 3, 2008

I have a leftover jewel yam sitting in the vegetable bin and I can't eat it because it is high in sugar nor can I eat the leftover turnips and squash either. Who would ever think I'd be craving a sweet potato or red beets? I committed to the challenge and I will stick with it. I can deal with not consuming sugar, splenda, and even a piece of fruit for the entire month. I guess I hate the thought of throwing away good food. At least there is one bright spot. We compost and grow plants and vegetables all year now.

Here is my menu from yesterday:

Breakfast and Lunch: 2 eggs with veggie patty, mayo, mustard, spices - (600 calories total) - Same times.

Workout at 5pm: biceps, triceps, abs, and 15 minutes on the elipitcal

Dinner - 6:20pm: 2 small hard boiled eggs, tuna with mayo, 2 cubes of turkey meat. (450 calories)

1,050 calories



Vadim said...

Hey girl! I am amazed at how much you love eggs! You ate 1,050 calories. Was it enouph as far as appetite? Was it more like planned caloric intake or you just listen to yourbody needs?

Harry/JP said...

I'd suggest composting or throwing them at deserving targets. ;-)

Good going, staying away from your culinary temptations and for being consistent with your exercise.

Eggsellent job!

Me said...


That menu looks great! Keep up the good work :)

Jimmy Moore said...