Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Some have asked me.

What am I doing?

The plan I am following is a kind of clean paleo. I still eat according to my WW PP 29 dpt or I should say, I try to.

My trainer has had years of experience with fitness and sports nutrition. What I eat and the workout plans I follow are based on what my body requires. Below is a sample:

Lots of protein such meat, leafy greens, egg whites, olive oil, avocados, apple cider vinegar, almonds and walnuts. I also drink a protein shake at least twice daily. Not a big fan of eggs and I usually toss the yolks or buy cartons of egg whites instead.

I do not eat fruit (fructose inflames my appetite), flour or sugar. Other than the shakes I do not consume dairy. I am not to be trusted with cheese. I tend to overeat it. No grains.

After last night's carb debauchery, I finally know how my body doesn't appreciate the unneeded simplex carbs and sugar. I feel as though I have a hangover.

Once I become closer to goal, I am sure I will slowly add in the complex carbs but I seem to manage pretty well.

Word to the wise. Snacks help! Especially hard-boiled eggs. Don't be afraid of good fats and protein.

My workouts include 20 minutes of cardio to start. She likes to get this portion out of the way and my whole body is full of energy to complete my weight training routines. Some say, it's better to do cardio after but I feel great doing it first. YMMV. And I do abs two to three times a week. Abs really do start in the kitchen!

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